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The Sport Bequi Store was created in 1979 by Bartholomew Bestard Bauza to complement a segment within cycling in the Balearic Islands: Clothing and accessories grade cycling.The first store opened in El Arenal, and was very well received by cyclists and visitors to the Balearic Islands.

In 1995, Sport Bequi extended its coverage to the north of Mallorca, and the son of Bartholomew inaugurated the doors of a new store in Puerto de Alcudia.


    With the growing needs of the rider, and the desire to offer all types of cyclists stock items how shoes, helmets, goggles, and a new store in El Arenal opened.

Rolando Villa opened this store in 2000, and continues to offer all kinds of cycling accessories, frames and complete bikes, and also a bike rental service.


    In 2004 Angel Arquellada opened the doors of the first Sport Bequi in Sevilla. From here, Ángel offers the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAndalusia the same level of quality and service that Sport Bequi has maintained from the beginning.


    The constant quest to improve customer service led to various changes in 2007, with the opening of a new store in El Arenal with shop fittings.

Managed by Mabel Bestard, service continuity and quality of Sport Bequi is guaranteed both local new and via the web as it is.

    In Sport Bequi, we offer a variety of quality products, and we also officiales Distibutors the Balearic of brands Santini, Ridley, Wilier and LAS.


    Please feel free to check our website and learn more about our services and products, and do not forget to visit our online store where you will find the latest deals on cycling clothing, bicycles and accessories.

    Visit our stores and we will show our dedication to the customer, and if you have any doubt or question, do not forget to contact us, and give us the pleasure to serve you.


Bartolomé Bestard Quirós

Responsible Alcudia y Pollença
Clothing, bicycles, accessories and rentals

Mabel Bestard Quirós

Responsible Store Arenal
Cycling clothing

Rolando Villa Gomez

Responsible Store Arenal
Bicycles, accessories and rentals


Bartolomé  Bestard


Looking for the latest models of bicycle racing? Are you looking for a cheap solution to navigate on two wheels? Want a bmx bike is fully equipped for your excursions in the nature?

sportbequi is the shop for you, at our premises you will find the right bike for your needs.
Our sales staff will assist you in the choice leading you to a large fleet of vehicles and selecting the right bike for your needs, with models of every type and price.


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